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Conditions we Treat

Conditions We Treat:

In most conditions we will utilize:

Chiropractic Therapy (to Maintain Proper Structure and Alignment)
Active Release Technique (to Reduce Muscle Tension / Scar Tissue)

Physical Rehabilitation (to Strengthen Structure to avoid future re-occurrence)

Headaches - Muscular / Tension / Sinus / Migraine
Whiplash / Automobile Accidents
Work Related Injuries
Lower Back Pain
Herniated / Protruded Disc
Post Operative Lower back pain / Failed Back Surgery
Sciatica / Pinched Nerve
Hip Pain
Neck Pain
Upper Back / Scapular pain
Arm Pain / "Stinger" / Pinched Nerve
Shoulder Pain / Post Surgical Rehabilitation / Rotator Cuff Injuries
Frozen Shoulder
Elbow pain / Cubital Tunnel Syndrome
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Knee Problems
Sports Injuries
Running / Cycling Injuries
Menstrual Pain / PMS
Chronic Fatigue
Pregnancy Pain
Myofascial Pain
Muscle Strains

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